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March 19, 2012
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It's the way her hair gets tangled in her sleep, the way she'd kiss Men seconds after he falls asleep, the way she receives him every evening when he finally comes home after work; a gentle kiss, lips nearly brushing, and a warm smile; the smell of tomato fried rice with topping of crab omelet and demi-glace ankake sauce(1)numbing his senses.

Ren has never been the romantic type of man; he has never aspired to have a family and never dared to dream of true happiness. Somehow she popped out of nowhere and changed a bit of himself. He fell in love. The moment Yoh saw him, he knew. It was obvious to anyone who'd been in love; Ren had the same puppy-in-love eyes Yoh saw reflected in the mirror each day. That day, the day of the reunion, all 'em legendary warriors asked the same question -to themselves, of course, who'd want to unleash the fury of O-Ren Tao almighty?- how did Ren and Jeanne end up together? The truth is that nobody knew, but what the hell, even Ren himself didn't know how fate had taken such a drastic turn.
But it didn't matter to him anyways ...

It's the way she is willing to sacrifice herself for the well-being of others. The way she'd touch him, undress him, kiss him. It's the way she moans his name and blushes as things start to heat up. He loved the way she'd fall sleep on his chest.

... He loved her just because.
And definitely, he loved his new life.
I do not own Shaman King.
Well, this is my frist fanfic in english so be kind to me )': I'll patently wait for constructive criticism or insults over my sometimes nonsense english. I've been obsessing over RenMei pretty hard lately.
(1) tomato fried rice with topping of crab omelet and demi-glace ankake sause: if you read the remix chapter #4 then you know what am talking about. This dish in China is served as the kid's menu. I thought it'd be cute to include that pun here.
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Ay puedo resistir.....AW!!!!!!!
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es--- es tan lindo... PUPPY EYES :heart: es adorable en verdad.
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